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Askhub is the first solution that understands what conversational agents don't, focusing on their Natural Language Understanding weaknesses.

AskHub team uses its extensive experience in NLP and Data-Science to accompany enterprises in their customer service improvement and automation. We provide developers and marketers with actionable insights and tools for the continuous enhancement of bots. 

Features of Askhub

  • Conversational channels Audit AskHub detects users needs and automation opportunities by leveraging companies conversational data on every channel
  • Existing bots Audit  AskHub identifies the weaknesses of bots in terms of NLP and UX and recommends levers of improvement
  • Automation Bricks development  AskHub builds efficient automation bricks that are pre-trained using companies conversational data
  • Conversational Data-Labelling AskHub labels millions of conversational data on your channels upon multiple dimensions to provide marketing insights and data for AI training.
  • Bot improvement : NLP, UX, KPIs AskHub turns bots into profitable channels by improving bots comprehension rates, UX and KPIs

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