Product Details

Automat is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven conversational marketing platform that helps brands provide customers with easy, immediate and helpful experiences that guide their purchase decisions and lead them to buy more.

Features of Automat Ai

  • DRIVE SALES AND BUILD TRUST AT UNBELIEVABLE SCALE Automat maximizes engagement by simply talking to your customers, learning their needs, and personalizing your website to their desires.
  • THE 24/7 SALES EXPERT THAT NEVER GETS TIRED It’s the passionate product expert that knows your catalog inside and out. Your AI product enthusiast and your biggest brand advocate.
  • BASICALLY, PEOPLE JUST WANT TO CHAT In the age of information and technology, people expect their needs to be met immediately. And personal conversations are the only way to do it.


Automat offers custom pricing schemes. Visit their website for pricing information.

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