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The VoxSigma software suite offers large vocabulary speech-to-text capabilities in many languages. It has been designed for professional users needing to transcribe large quantities of audio and video documents such as broadcast data, either in batch mode or in real-time. Versions can also be used to transcribe telephone data. The full speech-to-text conversion is done in three steps. The software first identifies the audio segments containing speech, then it identifies the language being spoken if it's not known, and eventually it converts the speech segments to text. It includes adaptive features allowing the transcription of noisy speech like speech with background music. The speech-to-text conversion result is a fully annotated XML document including labels for speech and non-speech segments, speaker labels, words with time codes and confidence scores. This XML file may be directly indexed by a search engine, or it can be converted into plain text with punctuation.

Features of VoxSigma®

  • The VoxSigma software suite offers large vocabulary speech-to-text capabilities in many languages. It has been designed for professional users needing to transcribe large quantities of audio and video documents such as broadcast data, either in batch mode or in real-time. Versions can also be used to transcribe telephone data.
  • The full speech-to-text conversion is done in three steps. The software first identifies the audio segments containing speech, then it identifies the language being spoken if it's not known, and eventually it converts the speech segments to text. It includes adaptive features allowing the transcription of noisy speech like speech with background music.
  • The speech-to-text conversion result is a fully annotated XML document including labels for speech and non-speech segments, speaker labels, words with time codes and confidence scores. This XML file may be directly indexed by a search engine, or it can be converted into plain text with punctuation.

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0 likes 25 alternatives is an AI-powered transcription and translation platform that helps businesses and individuals of all sizes convert their audio and video content into text and tra...

0 likes 25 alternatives is an AI-powered transcription and translation platform that helps businesses and individuals of all sizes transcribe and translate audio and video content. It...

0 likes 25 alternatives is an AI-powered transcription and translation platform that helps businesses and individuals of all sizes transcribe and translate audio and video content. It...

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