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Vox is the definitive general interest news source for the 21st century. Vox’s mission is simple: Explain the news. It treats serious topics seriously, candidly guiding audiences through complex subjects ranging from politics, public policy and world affairs to pop culture, science, business, food, sports and everything else that matters Vox is one of the fastest growing news sites (comScore) and part of Vox Media. Vox Media is redefining the modern media company by empowering the smartest creative voices with the technology to create and distribute premium content and connects with an audience who looks to us for intelligent and informative content experiences.

Features of Vox Neural

  • Voice of the Customer Customer data is often held in audio files, which due to its analogue nature, is very difficult to analyse. Converting audio files to text automatically solves this problem. Taking it further, you can combine our voice to text service with Vox Analytics and get your data in one place. Resulting in smarter business decisions.
  • VOIP PBX Take Vox Neural into the office and experience even more benefits. When you integrate our platform into your corporate phone system, all voicemails left for employees are automatically transcribed to text. They can then be sent as an SMS or email. The API can also link to your company's CRM system so all names, phone numbers and other important details are stored in text format in one place.
  • Compliance and Risk In a world of increased fraud and ever-tightening compliance regulations, monitoring your employees has never been more important. Vox Neural allows you to convert audio recordings of employee conversations into text so you can ensure compliance and security.
  • Call Centres Call centres record thousands of conversations. These audio files contain a wealth of valuable data that can be analysed when converted to text. This allows you to draw more insights resulting in improved sales, training, quality assurance and operator assessment.
  • Sales Efficiency To develop an effective sales strategy, you need to analyse your customers' feedback and act on it. Converting this feedback from voice to text can help you analyse it quickly and easily resulting in an improved strategy.
  • Postal Address Capture We also provide a service to accurately capture customer address details from audio files. (For example, a customer may leave a voicemail asking for an application form to be sent to their address.) Our engines capture and automatically verify these details using an advanced postcode lookup service. This ensures exceptional levels of accuracy as well as huge savings in postage costs.


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