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SpeechMotion™ is a state-of-the-art voice capture, speech recognition, editing, distribution and e-signature application platform for healthcare documentation. Designed by HIM and transcription managers, SpeechMotion is flexible, reliable, and user-friendly. SpeechMotion can transparently integrate into existing environments for full interoperability.

Features of SpeechMotion

Affordable Solutions for a Complete Patient Story
SpeechMotion provides the flexible options healthcare facilities need to quickly and efficiently document a complete patient story, all under one product and service umbrella. Our product and service suite includes:

  • SpeechMotion Transcription Services: Competitively priced transcription services for facilities seeking full or partial outsourcing.
  • SpeechMotion Enterprise 5: Our clinical documentation platform for healthcare facilities with in-house transcription staff and MTSOs.
  • SpeechMotion EMRDirect: Cloud-based voice recognition for mobility, flexibility and superior results.
  • Equipment and Supplies: Best prices guaranteed from leading manufacturers, including Philips, Olympus and Sony.

Facilities across the country are solving problems with SpeechMotion, including:

  • Hospitals: Hospitals save money, reduce turnaround times and improve their clinical documentation workflows with SpeechMotion.
  • Clinics: Healthcare clinics choose SpeechMotion to reduce IT costs, increase documentation quality and improve physician EMR adoption.
  • MTSOs: MTSOs select SpeechMotion to improve customer service, profitability and drive better results.

Facilities across the country are selecting SpeechMotion to improve their:

  • Clinical Workflow: Create a workflow designed to fit your unique needs without any custom programming.
  • Physician Adoption: Give your physicians the options they need to do what they do best – take care of patients.
  • Return-on-Investment: As a competitively priced cloud solution, SpeechMotion can reduce, or even eliminate, many of your IT and overhead expenditures.

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Machine LearningMachine Learning

Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing

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