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Ago control is a framework for device control. The aim is to provide a complete home automation solution. It can also be used in other areas, like agriculture. ago control uses an AMQP Enterprise Message Bus as communication backend, a lightweight protocol, readable by humans and machines, modern and modular architecture, cloud features and more.

Control your devices
Learn how to control your devices like KNX, Z-Wave, 1-Wire and many more! Also runs on the famous Raspberry Pi and other embedded systems!
Automate your house
Lean back and enjoy the full automation of your home. Automatically respond to events and create scenes for your common tasks. Be in full control even when you're away.
Rock your home
You want to rock'n roll your home - you can do it with ago control!

Features of Ago Control

  • ago control uses an AMQP Enterprise Message Bus as communication backend
  • lightweight protocol, readable by humans and machines
  • modern and modular architecture
  • it comes with cloud features
  • device schema defined in YAML
  • great performance – also runs on embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi and multiple plug computes like Sheevaplug and Guruplug
  • Easy to extend
  • Support for many devices and protocols such as Z-Wave, KNX, EnOcean, 1wire, Asterisk PBX, Dreambox/Enigma2, Onkyo eISCP AVR, X10, Tellstick and many more


  • ago control is free as in beer and speech. 

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