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Agara is the future of business-to-consumer communication. Agara uses advanced Voice AI to process customer support calls in real-time. Agara can process calls entirely autonomously or provides live suggestions to a human agent to resolve the call quickly and successfully. Agara removes all friction points in support calls. Enterprises can improve their support experience dramatically with zero hold times, significantly improved first call resolution rate and shorter call durations. This improved experience comes on top of over 50% cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Features of Agara

  • Automatic Speech Recognition Agara automatically generates and stores a high quality call transcript for every call in real-time
  • Advanced NLU Agara’s proprietary NLU engine enables a deep analysis of the transcribed voice and text stream and classifies them into proper intents.
  • Deep Learning The deep learning model trained with 10 million+ customer support specific data points, then uses this input to find the right resolution to a customer's issue.
  • Text to Speech Our human-like Text-to-Speech system then replies to the customer with the steps to troubleshoot and closes the call like how a human agent would do.
  • Analytics Agara also provides a rich dashboard that gives you all the data ranging from key support metrics to agent performance stats.
  • Flexible Deployment Agara fits in non-invasively with your CRM and cloud telephony services with minimal development requirements, so that you can deliver business impact right away.

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